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Bangs can instantly transform your hairstyle and your face with a simple swipe of the scissors. There are many types of bangs to choose from that flatter different face shapes and facial features. Fringe benefits range from highlighting the eyes to hiding forehead lines. Understanding the characteristics of different bang styles can help you decide which bangs might be right for you.

Wearing Bangs

Consider wearing bangs if you have medium-textured, straight to slightly wavy hair. Opt against wearing bangs if you have hair that is very fine, very thick, curly or wiry. Cowlick and widow’s peaks may also make wearing bangs more of a challenge. Bangs are most flattering on oval, long, square and heart-shaped faces and can help camouflage a large forehead. Bangs can make a round face look fuller and wider by drawing the eye horizontally. Skip bangs if you have oily hair and skin, or are prone to acne breakouts, which may be exacerbated by hair resting on the forehead. Bangs require frequent trims, so consider the maintenance required before committing to this style.

Wispy Bangs

Wispy bangs are also known as textured bangs. Wispy bangs feature alternating shorter and longer pieces, and have a wispy, or textured, look as opposed to bangs that are cut straight across in one uniform length. Wispy bangs look lighter and less severe than blunt-cut bangs and are a popular style with many women.

Benefits of Wispy Bangs

Textured bangs with a wispy look add softness and can help balance the sharp angles of square and heart-shaped faces. Wispy bangs can be dramatic and long when cut far back into the top of the head, or shallow and side swept for a more casual look. Textured bangs can be cut short and or long to blend in with layered hair. Wispy bangs are also easier to grow out, blending in more easily with longer lengths, than blunt-cut bangs.

Achieving Wispy Bangs

Get wispy bangs in a salon or at home. Professional hair stylists may use special texturizing scissors that quickly and easily create wispy bangs or cut existing blunt cut into a texturized style. This look may also be achieved by using regular scissors on blunt bangs by cutting into them vertically at varying spots across the hair.