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Many overweight women are looking for a hairstyle that will draw attention away from their larger facial areas, typically the chin and neck area. There are several tricks and tips a stylist uses to make a face appear more fresh, younger and slimmer. The idea is to elongate the face and bring attention to the eyes.


To bring attention up to your eyes, get your hair cut into a bob. The first layer of the bob should start at about the chin or slightly under it. The layers cut into the hair should be just slightly shorter than the longest layer to create a more stacked look. Have fun with this cut: instead of getting a straight or blunt bob, request the stylist cut the front hair just slightly longer than the hair in the back. This will give you a fresh, youthful look that will draw attention to your eyes and cheekbones. Also, always keep bangs long to avoid the appearance of a shorter and rounder face.

Long Layers

Grow out your hair longer or to shoulder-length. Have your stylist cut long layers into your hair with the layers slightly framing your face. Keep the layers long to avoid making your face appear shorter than it is. The long hair will help to elongate the face, making it look thinner. To create a more sultry style, have a long side bang cut into your hair. Part your hair on the side, letting the bang swoop across your forehead.


Instead of growing the hair longer to elongate the face, create volume and add height to the hair, which elongates the face. Invest in good volumizing products like mousse, pomade and a rat-tail comb. Add mousse to damp hair and blow dry using a large, round brush. Adding just a bit of pomade to the crown of the head will help hair keep its volume without looking rock hard, such as with hairspray. Tease the hair on and around the crown of your head with the rat-tail comb. Use a brush to lightly smooth the ratted hair. Add easy height and volume by snapping in a few hair-extension clips to the crown of the head. Remember to clip on hair extensions under a couple layers of hair so the clips remain hidden.