Hairstyles for Big Heads

By Holly Thompson

The biggest hair mistakes you can make if you have a big head is to create more volume, or dye it a stand-out color. This will only make your head look bigger and make people more aware of the size of your head. Certain hairstyles, however, can diminish the size of your head and will work best if your hair is a natural color.

Young woman turning her head so that hair is in her face
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Long, layered hair can make a big head appear smaller.

Long Sleek Bob

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The Sleek Bob will widen the face and give the jaw more definition.

If you have a hairstyle with a lot of volume in it, it will only make your head look bigger. That is why a sleek bob works. The straightened hair falls flat onto the face, making your head look smaller. By having the hair cut below the jawline, it also gives your face and jaw more definition. Big heads tend to be quite long, but this length will widen the face up and give it more proportion.

Side Fringe

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Straightening the Side Fringe style will make your head look smaller.

People with large heads tend to have large foreheads. This can easily be covered up with a side sweeping fringe. This style of bangs will shorten the length of your face without making the bangs too harsh and noticeable. Straightening the style will make the cut sleeker, which will make your head look smaller.

Long with Layers

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Layers will break up the length of long hair.

Having very long hair isn't a brilliant idea if you have a big head because it elongates the face. However, if you break up the length by getting your hairdresser to cut in shorter layers, it can work well. This style suits people with thicker hair as the hair will fall into the face and disguise more of your head. The best way to style it is to blow dry your hair upside down to create a tiny bit of volume, and then straighten it for a sleek look.