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Bangs are one way to change the look of your face and emphasise certain areas. For example, bangs can make your forehead look smaller by covering all or part of it. Bangs also bring attention to your eyes. If you have fine hair, one issue you may run into is wispy, thin bangs. There are ways to make your bangs exceptionally thick using styling techniques.

Spray the roots of the bangs with dry shampoo. If your hair is dirty, it can look thin and stringy. Dry shampoo will make dirty hair full and fluffy. Even if the hair is clean, it fluffs up and makes the bangs look more voluminous. Spray the dry shampoo six inches from the roots of the bangs. Let it sit for one minute and brush through the bangs with a round brush to remove the shampoo.

Tease the bangs. Hold your bangs up so that they are standing straight up. Use a rattail comb to tease them from the back. Start at the roots and move upwards. Run your fingers through the bangs so they do not appear ratty. The goal is to help make the bangs look thicker but still be able to style them.

Style your bangs using a round brush. Roll the bangs around the brush, pull somewhat straight and aim the dryer downward toward the bangs. Hold for 10 seconds and release. Mist the bangs with hairspray.

Trim your bangs. If you are able to trim your bangs a bit, trim up to just above the eyebrows in a blunt cut. This kind of cut makes them look thicker automatically. Use a good pair of haircutting scissors.


If you are unable to cut your own bangs straight, visit a salon to get them trimmed.