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Bouncy, cascading bangs can transform an ordinary woman’s haircut, giving styles of various lengths a fresh look. Some women think that having fine or straight hair that lacks volume will prevent them from wearing bangs. Others worry about not being able to have their bangs styled professionally on a regular basis. You can give your bangs that extra lift in just a few minutes by blow-drying them and applying the right styling products.

Wash your hair using shampoo and conditioner.

Dispense a quarter-sized amount of volumizing mousse into your hand and massage the product into to bangs, beginning at the roots and working your way to the ends. If using volumizing spray, spritz the product all over the bangs.

Wrap the bangs around the round brush using one hand. With the other hand, hold the blow-dryer and point the air directly at your bangs.

Move the brush from the roots of the bangs to the ends using an outward rotating motion as you apply air. Repeat until bangs are dry.

Spritz a holding spray onto dry bangs, focusing on the roots, to lock in the volume.


Apply hairspray conservatively; using too much product can weigh down the bangs. A volumizing shampoo and conditioner can give your bangs additional body.