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If you have relaxed hair, you should refrain from blow drying it more than once a week to avoid heat damage, thus making your salon purchase a waste. However, when the time comes to blow dry the relaxed hair, there is a special technique you should use to get a perfect blowout look without the negative effects of heat and dryness. Using the right products can help you achieve the look you desire for a terrific blowout at home.

Rub a nickel sized amount of heat-activated smoothing lotion into your damp hair, using your fingers to distribute the product evenly.

Change the setting on your blow dryer to 'cool' so that no unnecessary heat damage befalls your delicate strands.

Blow dry the hair one section at a time, using a paddle brush as you dry and pointing the nozzle of the dryer down the strands. Repeat the process until the hair is thoroughly dried, slowly pulling the paddle brush down the length of the strands while you hold the blow dryer about 12 inches away.

Mist the 'do with some hairspray to hold the look