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Stringy, lifeless hair is a drag. In the morning, it looks great, but as the day progresses, it begins to look stringy, oily and straggly. Stringy hair is caused by two main factors: fine hair and oily hair. Fine hair becomes easily tangled and separated resulting in a stringy appearance. Excessive oils coat the individual hair strands furthering the appearance of separateness and sparseness. Fortunately, there are a few things that you can do to cure stringy hair.


Laura Drilling/Demand Media

One of the best things that you can do to cure stringy hair is to get a haircut. Short and medium-length haircuts work best. To figure out what length is ideal for your hair, style your hair in the morning as usual. During the midday hours, check your hair to see how it has fallen. You will likely notice that your hair has started to separate and appear stringy on the ends. The length that appears stringy has to go. Choose a cut that takes your hair shorter than this point.

Length is not the only consideration when choosing a haircut to cure stringy hair. You need to choose a cut that is full of bounce, movement and interest. Basic one-length haircuts do not offer any of these traits. Choose a cut that has plenty of layers and bounce. If you prefer a one-length look, a lightly layered bob that is stacked in the back will give you the look you prefer and the volume and bounce that your hair needs to look its best.


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Avoid shampoos and conditioners that are described as hydrating or moisturizing. These will weigh down your hair and intensify its stringy appearance. Choose, instead, cleansing agents that are formulated for fine, stringy hair. Look for products described as volumizing and bodifying.

Styling products can also weigh down the hair and cause problems. Heavy gels and mousses should be avoided. A root lifter applied to the roots only is all that is needed to breathe life into lifeless locks. Heavy hairsprays should be avoided as well. If you must use hairspray, use a light aerosol spray.


Laura Drilling/Demand Media

Fine, limp hair needs to be blow dried every day to look its best. Apply root booster to the roots only immediately after towel drying. Blow dry the hair at the roots first while holding the hair up and away from the scalp. Finish out the style using a round brush and dryer. Direct the hair where you want it to go, and spray in place.

Fine hair is hard to curl. Flat irons may help lend some control to stubborn areas, but curling irons are often a waste of time. Simple style routines often work best. Instead of trying to fix your stringy hair by doing more, do less. Get a great haircut, and say goodbye to your stringy hair.