brunette girl with long hair

Flyaways (aka those short hairs that stick up) are very annoying when you've put so much work into styling your mane to look smooth and luxurious. The truth is, they're pretty hard to tame. They're often caused by breakage and split ends, but also they're new hairs growing in. So hey, they're not all bad. Here's how to minimize flyaways.

Brushing wet hair can cause breakage. Instead, comb your hair with a wide-tooth comb.

Moisturize your hair daily with a high-quality conditioner to prevent breakage and smooth existing flyaways. Conditioner also makes your hair more resistant to the static electricity that often causes flyaways to stick up.

Apply a shine serum to areas of your hair that tend to stick up after your hair is dry. These serums are very oily, so most people need only a nickel-sized drop to cover all of their hair. For spot treatment of flyaways, apply a tiny dab to the affected area.

Neutralize static electricity by spraying a paddle hairbrush with a light hairspray, then brushing through your hair. Avoid excessive brushing, though, especially during the winter months.