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With the right products, men with fly-away, thinning hair can look stylish. When men begin to thin on top, some find themselves having to change their hairstyle and the way they deal with their new hairline. When this thinning issue combines with static and fly-away hair, the limits of styling narrow to next to none -- but there are ways to deal with this combination of issues. Consult with a professional hairstylist for the exact cut to fit the pattern of thinning hair on the head.

Cut the hair to a medium or short style. Shorter hair allows volume to be added to the hair, masking the thinning. Cut the hair often to prevent dead, dry ends from forming. These dead ends will make the flyaway issue worse.

Shampoo with a conditioning shampoo regularly. Select a shampoo specifically for conditioning. Some shampoos also add volume and these can help.

Use conditioner each time you shampoo. Flyaway hair is typically caused from static or dry hair. Frequent conditioning will help keep moisture in the hair.

Apply a leave-in conditioner daily. Spray-on or rub-in conditioners are available commercially. Apply from the roots to the tips of the hair daily to prevent flyaway hair.

Dry hair in an upward motion with an ionizing blow-dryer. These special dryers eliminate static. Comb the hair with an upward motion to add volume to disguise the thinning.

Spritz hair with water often and use a comb. Some brushes encourage static electricity. Use a comb instead. Spritz the hair several times daily to keep it moist and in place.


The "comb over" style does not hide thinning hair. Combined with flyaway issues, a comb-over may cause embarrassing "blow ups" of the hair from the wind or from particular body motions.


Avoid hairsprays, gels and other hair-styling products which contain alcohol. Alcohol will dry the hair and increase flyaway issues.