Image by Flickr.com, courtesy of Amanda

Hair thinning techniques are not only used to thin hair. They are also used to create volume, texture, interest and style to a wide variety of hair types and styles. There are several tools used to thin hair, including thinning shears, straight razors, shears and feather combs.

Reducing bulk

Most people have their hair thinned because it is simply too thick or bulky in spots. Heavy thinning in focused areas can help alleviate styling problems and bulkiness due to overly thick hair.


Thinning the ends of hair adds texture, which is ideal for most of today's popular styles. Textured hair is easier to style and lies better than hair that has been blunt cut.


Thinning creates volume when it is done close to the scalp. Short hairs close to the scalp tend to stand up, pushing the longer hairs up and away from the scalp.

Softening a look

Thinning can be used to make hair appear softer and wispier. This is especially true when thinning is performed on thick, coarse hair.

Styling convenience

Hair that has been thinned dries quicker, and it is easier to style. Less product is used, and hair is quickly put into place with little effort.