How to Style a Layered, Messy, Short Bob

By Yvonne Van Damme

You may have gotten a short haircut in hopes that it would be easy to style. At times, short hair can actually take more time to fix if you are trying to make it smooth and perfect. One idea for a lower-maintenance style is a messy bob haircut. This tends to be easier to style compared to structured, formal hair looks. This is a fun, sassy 'do that works well for all ages. To style a layered, messy, short bob, the goal is to keep the movement in the hair so that it does not lie flat.

Style a choppy bob with products that add texture and movement.

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Step 1

Apply a small dollop of mousse to towel-dried hair. Start at the roots and comb it through the hair using a wide-tooth comb. Blow-dry the hair while scrunching sections of it with your hands. Continue until the hair is completely dry.

Step 2

Put a small amount of texture cream in the palms of your hands. Rub them together. Use your fingers and run it through the layers and the ends of the hair. This will help them flip up a bit and make the hair look messy and voluminous.

Step 3

Use a curling iron to curl the ends of the hair and the layers throughout the hair, either out or under. It depends on your own preferences. When curling the layers and the hair, do so in different directions so that it does not look too styled.

Step 4

Mist the hair lightly with hairspray. Tousle with your fingers and it's done. Either wear it down or add a colorful headband.