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Scrunching your hair as it dries creates hair that looks naturally wavy. This hairstyle looks best on those with naturally wavy hair. Hair that is naturally wavy will look even wavier and more defined when scrunched. Those with naturally straight or very curly hair will have a more difficult time recreating a naturally wavy look. Scrunching hair is most commonly done when hair has been freshly shampooed and still damp. However, this hairstyle can be achieved when hair is already dry.

Apply curl enhancing spray, mousse or gel to dry hair. Apply from roots to ends. Make sure hair is covered evenly and until (?) it is slightly damp.

Use a hair diffuser or dryer on the lowest setting available. Do not use the hottest setting. This may result in hair that is frizzy.

Scrunch your hair as you dry it. Use the fingers and palms of your hands to scrunch hair while simultaneously drying it. Scrunching your hair while you diffuse or dry it will help shape waves. Alternatively, you can let hair air dry while periodically scrunching it.

Continue to scrunch and dry hair until it is completely dry.


Avoid touching your hair when it is dry. Touching your hair too much can cause waves to frizz up.