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Finger waves are a vintage hair style trend that can be done on a variety of hair types. Shorter hair looks beautiful in finger waves, but even thsoe with longer hair can don the style too. A typical finger-wave style begins with wet hair and creates a wavy effect throughout strands as the end result.

Comb a moderate amount of thick gel through clean, damp hair. Hair should be damp but not sopping wet. You will want to evenly distribute the gel throughout strands.

Create a deep side part in hair. Part can be to either side, whichever you prefer.

Begin creating your waves on the side of your part with more hair. Lay your middle finger flat (horizontally) across your hair; then taking your comb and pressing it against the side of the finger. Drag the comb (teeth straight down) sideways (horizontally) along your finger until you create a ridge or a “C” shaped curve.

Shift your middle finger back (horizontally) to continue building this ridge toward the back of your head. You will end up with one horizontal ridge that moves in one direction and a “C” shaped wave in the opposite direction.

Move finger down along the hair about an inch down and create another ridge in the same direction as the curve above it. This will now create an “S” pattern wave.

Repeat the previous step to the ends of your hair as well as on the other side.

Allow hair to dry thoroughly and then spray with hairspray for extra hold. You can also finger tousle for a softer look.


If your hair is longer than shoulder length and you are left with a lot that is not able to be finger waved, you can pin curl the rest to your head or tie it up in a chic side chignon.
Add a vintage hair clip for extra pizzazz.