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Create wispy locks that make you look as though you have wind-blown hair from walking along the beach. Wispy hair looks flowing and soft with volume, so it's easy to achieve this look with the right cut and styling tools. This style isn't really curly or super straight, but rather a combination of the two styles, since wispy hair is straight at the top and mid-section with a slight curl at the ends. Create this look for a casual date or before heading off to school.

Get your hair cut with layers all around your head. Go to your local hair salon and tell the stylist you want to create a layered wispy look.

Brush dry hair for a few minutes to get rid of tangles and create softness before trying to achieve your wispy look.

Plug your curling iron in and wait until the red light comes on before using it. Tilt your head down and flip your hair over. Spray a thin mist of hairspray on the bottom of your head near the base of your neck to create volume. Flip your hair back and lightly brush your locks again if it looks too messy.

Take 1-inch sections of layered pieces of hair and place it between the iron and curl outward rather than under. Don't move the curling iron all the way up the shaft of your hair. You only want to slightly curl the bottom of your hair outwards. Add small curls throughout your entire head and spray another mist of hairspray over your hair.

Brush your hair lightly again to make the curls more wispy on the ends.