Difference Between Feathered Layered Hairstyles

Two of pop culture's most memorable haircuts -- Farrah Fawcett's 1970s feathered 'do and Jennifer Aniston's 1990s Rachel cut -- best illustrate the difference between feathered and layered hairstyles. Feathering is a texturizing technique that shapes the ends of your tresses, while layering is a cut that creates variable lengths throughout your hair.

The term "feathering" explains how the stylist uses the scissors to texturize your tresses. The scissors are held at a 90-degree angle against the ends of your hair and moved in a fan-like motion, cutting it in a slight V-shape. The result is lighter, wispy ends that reduce bulk.

Layered hairstyles feature strands cut in a variety of lengths. Also, the look isn't just for long hair -- pixies and bobs can also get the layered treatment. The low-maintenance style offers a number of benefits for all hair types and textures, including:

  • More volume: Layers can give your hair more body, lifting the strands away from your face and adding some height at the root.
  • Lighter tresses: Your hair won't weigh you down thanks to layers.
  • Faster dry times: Thanks to this lighter hair, styling those layered locks will be a less time-consuming task.