fashion guy image by Dmitri MIkitenko from Fotolia.com

Fringe, also known as bangs, hase been seen on many male celebrities in recent years. Celebrities such as Justin Beiber and Zac Efron are known for their fringe hairstyles. Fringe complements a varieity of face shapes, and it is a quick and easy way to update your look.

Comb the fringe into the desired style while the hair is wet. Create a side part for a more trendy side-swept fringe, or for a classic look comb the hair forward into a straight fringe.

Allow the hair to air dry, or use a hair dryer for more fullness and a little lift.

Use a comb and hair wax or gel to sculpt and set the fringe in place. Don't overuse the product, to retain a natural appearance.

Trim your fringe every few weeks to maintain its shape.


If you have curly hair, you may have to use a flat iron to achieve a straight look.