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Cowlicks are irregular growth patterns in the hair follicle. Follicles that cause cowlicks have hair growing in two or more different directions. People who have cowlicks usually are stuck with them since birth. Although you can't get rid of cowlicks, you can disguise them. Men have a harder time managing cowlicks over women, since their hairstyles are often shorter. However, a man can disguise a cowlick with the right hair cut and the proper tools.

Consult a hairstylist for a hairstyle that will work with your cowlick. Depending on the location of your cowlick, your stylist can create a look that will camoflauge the cowlick's appearance. For example, hair may be cut short in all other areas, except just above the cowlick. The added weight of the hair will push the cowlick down to disguise it.

Treat your hair with a hair relaxer. A stylist can temporarily change the appearance of your hair with chemicals. A relaxer can make the cowlick blend in with your other hair.

Add your cowlick into your hair style. Spike your hair or create a messy hair-do to disguise the cowlick.

Style your hair while it is wet. Place a bandanna over the top of your cowlick to keep the cowlick in place until your hair is dry.

Redirect the cowlick with the use of a styling product, such as a mousse or pomade. Place the cowlick where you would like it to be on your head. Use the styling product to hold it in place.