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Wispy sideburns add character to a haircut, particularly for those who like updos or sport a short cut. They help to shape up a hairline, making your sideburns a part of the style without completely removing them. Shorter layers along the side of your head will often graduate into the sideburn for a flattering effect. Learn to love your sideburns by cutting them into a wispy shape at home.

Pull your hair back with a headband or hair elastic to make your sideburns more visible.

Grasp the end of your sideburn between your pointer and index fingers, leaving 1/2 inch of the hair visible.

Pick up a pair of small shears with your other hand and hold them directly underneath the sideburn, with the tip angled toward the inner corner of your eye.

Open the shears and cut the hair while keeping the scissors angled. Repeat, working your way up the sideburn until you achieve the desired length. If the angle of the scissors changes course slightly while you work this is okay -- it will aid in the choppy effect. As long as the scissors are angled upward the sideburns will look uniform.

Repeat the process on the other sideburn, angling the scissors toward the inner corner of your other eye.

Use your shears to trim any loose hairs that fall longer than the tip of the sideburn.