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Women with thick, frizzy hair tend to have the most difficult time choosing a haircut. However, there are some haircuts that people with even the thickest and frizziest hair can embrace. Sometimes, frizz and curls create interest, volume and a wash-and-go ease with certain styles.

Tips Cut Evenly

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By far, the simplest and easiest hairdo for women with long, frizzy hair is long and cut straight across the ends, with no layers. If your hair is frizzy, do not brush it at all. Immediately after showering, use a light mousse and comb through and twirl with your fingers. Then scrunch up from the bottom and let your hair dry naturally. If your hair is curly or wavy, you'll have a natural look that women with thin, straight hair envy. The mousse will keep frizz in check and the evenly cut tips make the cut easy to maintain. Trim split ends every few weeks to keep hair tame and lines clean.

Swooping Side Bangs

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Frizzy, thick hair is often the focal point no one wants to have (the first thing people notice), and sometimes a person's beautiful facial features are cast aside. However, even thick and frizzy hair can frame a face elegantly. Ask your stylist for swooping side bangs. These are bangs that can be whisked to the side, which means they are a little layered and blend into the rest of your hair. They can be worn with your hair down, with your hair pulled back, or pulled back with the rest of your hair to get them out of your face. They should also be cut in a way that they can also be worn as regular bangs, not only side-bangs. Straighten only the bangs for face framing or your entire head of hair for an elegant look.

Razor Layers

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Long, thick and frizzy hair can be exhausting because of the weight. To lighten the load without cutting your hair short, ask your stylist to razor layer your hair. What this means is that the stylist will use a razor to sharply cut your hair at an angle. . It's a way to thin out hair while creating a stylish cut at the same time. Your hair will feel lighter and look edgy when you walk out of the salon.

TIP: Razor cuts are prone to split ends, so use deep conditioner once a week and leave-in conditioner daily to help protect your hair.

Layers and More Layers

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Razor layering to thin out thick hair creates very slight layers. However, sharply defined layers are another great look for people with long, thick and frizzy hair. With dramatic layers, hair will be extra poofy. Part on the side and frizz out to the desired poof for a super-model look. This cut with frizzy hair is for the bold, as it will draw looks. However, paired with model-esque confidence and style, this frizzy look will draw looks for the right reasons.

Angle Cut

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An angle cut is a combination of dramatic layers and razor layering. The cut will look longer, framing the face, but will angle shorter to the back of the head. The front layers will be razored, making them thinned out and pointed toward the bottom. The back layers will be more dramatic, creating volume and poof in the back. The good thing about this cut is that, while it's still very poofy and frizzy in the back, facial features are able to stand on their own with the face-framing front of the cut. This cut can also be straightened for a completely different look.

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