That quick and easy fringe trim turned out to be not so simple, and you’re left with bangs that are too short. You don’t have to walk around town under the cover of a baseball cap until the bangs grow out, though. Instead, use simple styling tricks, some hair accessories and a touch of creativity to disguise those unintentionally short bangs.


Hair grows about 1/4 to 1/2 inch a month, so you’ll need some smart styling techniques for your too-short bangs as they slowly grow out.

Short, blunt bangs that hit too high on your forehead are going to make your too-short trim obvious. Styling your bangs to the side can help you hide this awkward length until it grows out. Part your hair on the left or right instead of down the center — choose the side your hair naturally falls to. Put a lightweight gel into your damp hair, and blow dry those bangs to the side using a round brush. Spritz your new side bangs with hairspray to keep them in place and mask their length.

You might think hair accessories would draw attention to your too-short bangs, but the right ones can actually help hide the short hair. Push your bangs back with an embellished headband — choose one with delicate pearls or shimmering gemstones, for example. A small barrette or bejeweled hair clip — a chic accessory any time — allows you to pin back your short bangs.

When bangs are too short to show off in public, bobby pins are a girl’s best friend. Keep your short bangs pinned off of your forehead to hide that awkward length. Pull the bangs to the side, twist them and slip a bobby pin underneath for a soft, feminine look. Or brush your bangs up to the top of your head, and use a couple of bobby pins to secure them in place to create a half updo.


Spray some dry shampoo on your bobby pins before you use them. It makes your bobby pin less likely to slip, giving your pinned-bangs look a longer life.

When bad bangs are your problem, just act like they don’t exist. Style your hair to hide your bangs as they grow out. Blow dry your bangs to the side, and use a curling iron to create soft waves throughout the hair. Softly curl your side-swept bangs so they blend into the rest of your hair, rather than standing out on your forehead. Or, you can braid your bangs away from your face, adding some dimension to your style while hiding those short strands.

If you can’t part with your bangs but want to add some length, try clip-in bangs, which you can find at beauty supply stores and salons. Clip these faux bangs underneath your too-short natural ones for some added length.


Make sure your clip-in bangs match your natural hair color. If the color is a little off, the faux bangs will stand out even more than your too-short ones. Work a tinted dry shampoo into the line between the faux and natural bangs to soften any color differentiations and create a more natural look.