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A halter dress has a looped top that wraps around the back of your neck. It is very flattering for a woman who has a long, elegant neck. So if you want to wear a halter dress your hairstyle should accentuate your neck and back, leaving them exposed. Avoid hairstyles that fall around your shoulders or down your back or else you will negate the halter look—instead choose a stylish yet simple "up-do."

Basic Bun

A regular or chignon bun is an attractive hairstyle to go with a halter dress. For a regular bun, just pull your hair to the back or side with a fastener or hair band and then wrap your locks around the ponytail. Secure it in place with plenty of bobby pins. For a chignon bun, curl your long hair with a large-barreled curling iron and pin the curls to the side with bobby pins. Use plenty of holding spray to keep the bun in place. To add a special flair, let one lock of hair loose from the bun and allow it to fall around your neck.

Large Curls

If you have medium-length or short hair, you can wear big, tight curls with a halter dress. Again, use a large-barreled curling iron (or a roller set) to create tight curls running backwards from the crown of your head to the nape of your neck. Do not comb out the curls—just finger them a bit. Spritz your hair thoroughly with holding spray to keep them in place or use bobby pins to help hold the curls up away from your shoulders and neck.

Chin Bob

Another hair style that you can wear with a halter dress is a sharp chin bob. With this short hairstyle you have bluntly cut ends and the hair falls just above the chin on either side of your face. Apply a frizz serum to your hair to keep it looking sleek. If you have longer hair, you can also achieve a pseudo chin bob by tucking your hair under and pinning it to the back of your hairline on either side with decorative clips. However, the hair doesn't fall around your face; you can use the clips to pin the hair inward behind the ears neatly or allow strands of your hair to fall messily around your ears (see example in the References section).