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Hairstyles can bring out your best features or accentuate the ones you'd rather tone down. Before choosing a hairstyle, think about the different features you'd like to play up or minimize. If you have a low hairline, that will be one consideration, but you may also want to soften a square jawline or accent your graceful neck.

Long Layers

Avoid thick bangs if you have a low hairline, since they can make your hairline seem lower, as says. However, thin, wispy bangs sometimes look nice with a low hairline. Opt for longer layers that frame your face, drawing attention to your other features. Boost your hair's volume on top with a texturizer, or by using a large-barrel curling iron to lift the hair upward at the top of your head. You could also wear a side or diagonal part to create more volume.

Short Layers

Some short styles add height on top of your head, drawing attention away from your hairline and making your forehead appear longer. If you opt for short hair, you could choose a style with short, bouncy, curly, or spiky layers that add volume at the top. Pull hair upward in barrettes, fluff it as you dry it, tease it upward, or add texture with a hair clay or putty for this look.

Loose Waves Updo

If you have long hair, try a loose waves updo. This will also create volume at the top of your head. Plus, you can wear it for any occasion. It can look glamorous, or messy and informal, perfect for the office, a casual weekend, or a night on the town. Ladies' Home Journal gives simple instructions for creating this style. Begin by curling your hair into waves with a 1-inch curling iron, unless your hair is naturally curly, then pull random chunks of hair toward the top of your head and secure with bobby pins.


Look through photos of different hairstyles in fashion magazines, and talk to your hairdresser about finding the best style for you. Look for haircuts and styles that create volume on top, since they may suit you well, as long as they complement your face shape and other features. See Visual Makeover, under Resources, to learn about finding a style that fits the shape of your face.