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As you age, your neckline begins to hang a little, as the loss of collagen and elasticity promotes sagging around the jaw line. Before you head to the store to stock up on turtleneck sweaters, consider a hairstyle that complements your maturing look. A number of styles camouflage a sagging neck, allowing you to head out with confidence and style.


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Whether you prefer to maintain longer locks or a short cut, add layers to your hair to distract from your sagging neck. This stylish cut adds body to your cut, a must for you if your hair is growing limp and dry as you age. Layered hairstyles draw attention up and away from your sagging jaw line, giving you a classy style. Add an asymmetrical fringe to frame your face, again drawing attention to your face instead of the neck, while softening your facial features.

Short and Sassy

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If you want to distract from a sagging jaw line, a short and sassy style might be for you. Mature actress Halle Berry sports the short pixie cut with style. This look doesn't hide the neck, but rather camouflages it by drawing the eyes up to a short and spunky style. Style this look with a little hair putty, and it will not be your neck that turns heads.

Long Styles

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Avoid mid-length styles that end at the jowls, particularly mid-length bobs that curl slightly inward and end just at the jaw; this draws focus to your sagging neck. Long, wavy locks can aid in disguising your problem neck area, particularly if you wear long layers that gently frame your face. A shoulder-length cut that swoops in just under your chin might completely hide your sagging neckline, if styled so your hair curls in to hide your neck from view.


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A sophisticated color can help to disguise a sagging neck. Your hair naturally lightens as you age, so avoid the same hair color you used when you were younger. Instead, select a color a few shades lighter, and ask your colorist to add some highlights. When done by a professional, highlights can give you an inexpensive facelift by brightening your look and drawing attention away from your neck.