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There's just something about a fuller face that lends a more youthful appearance -- so if you've got a naturally thin visage or have lost volume in your cheeks due to age, you may look more gaunt than glam. But no need for a long face -- beauty experts agree that you can create the illusion of fullness with a few easy tweaks to your makeup and hair routine.

Contour and Blush

If you have a long, thin face that you want to make fuller, don't contour or highlight your face in the usual spots like the temples, cheekbones and jawline -- you’ll only wind up making your face look more angular. Instead, brush a little contour powder or bronzer across the bottom of your chin to shorten the look of your face so it appears fuller. Apply blush to the apples of your cheeks to draw attention to the center of your face and create the illusion of width. Start closer in on your apples and blend it outward for the most flattering look.

Shape Eyebrows

Your eyebrows may seem like a small detail in your overall look, but having the right shape can make your face appear fuller. The most flattering shape for a thin, long face is a groomed brow with a low arch; this helps to open up your face horizontally to add the appearance of width. Work with a professional esthetician to sculpt your eyebrows into a flattering shape, then maintain the look with periodic tweezing.

Add Some Bangs

Add bangs to your hairstyle to help a long face appear fuller. In particular, blunt or rounded bangs work well because they conceal your forehead to shorten, shortening the length of your face so it looks wider. If you prefer a softer look for your bangs, go for a long style that hits at the cheekbones. They’ll help emphasize the center of your face and will subtly add volume.

Layer Your Hair

If you’re not a fan of bangs, add layers to your haircut. Choose a cut that helps add width to your face -- layers that hit at the cheekbones or chin are ideal. If you’re worried about your hair looking too bulky, you don’t have to layer it throughout. A few face-framing layers that hit at the chin can have the same effect as a full-on layered cut -- and you can keep the rest of your style one length so it isn’t too poofy.