The sunburnt surfer.

How to Get Matthew McConaughey's Hairstyle. Matthew McConaughey gets recognized for his sexy, carefree style choices, including his hairstyling. Matthew McConaughey's hair has a natural wave or loose curls, so his style will work best for you if you have a similar hair type. Matthew has also had a range of medium-to-long styles, just be sure to keep some length on the top and sides to allow the hair to curl.

Get a medium-to-long cut (no longer than shoulder length). If your hair is medium length rather than long, leave the hair longer on the top and sides. Have your stylist add some layers to shape the hair to your head.

Style your sideburns down to the ear lobe, and either clean shave the rest of your facial hair or allow short stubble all around for a more rugged look.

Add a light gel to wet hair and blow dry it back from the face using a round brush to have a looser, wavy look. For a curly look, simply apply a curling gel and let it air dry.

Use foaming pomade on your hair once it's dry to shape the hair and separate the locks. Curl individual locks of hair around your finger and shape them with hair product. Then, pull your hair in the front up and back away from your face.

Shape your hair back on the top and sides rather than parting it. If your hair is longer and has a part, part it with your fingers rather than a comb and hide the part with pieces in the front swept back and over the part.