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Keanu Reeves has been a star with many different hairstyles over the years, but his trademark one has remained a medium-to-long messy style that requires little product and maintenance. Keanu Reeves's style looks good with straight hair, but if your hair has more wave and body you can achieve a similar look with a cut that layers and thins your hair and a product that straightens.

Choose a cut that allows your hair to be loose and messy. If you want a medium length cut, you want the hair to be longer on the crown and around the face to add noticeable length. If you have a long cut (closer to your shoulders), part it in the middle and add layers around the face if desired.

On wet hair, use a small amount of styling gel, such as Phytoplage protective styling gel or Phytofix setting gel. Choose a styling gel based on your hair type and preferences for light or heavy product.

Work a small amount of gel into your hair after washing, and blow dry using a round brush. Move the hair away back away from your face as you dry it.

Choose a shine serum or spray to add when you're finished drying to achieve Keanu's sleek and shiny look.

Add some pomade in addition to shine serum if your hair is thicker or curlier than Keanu's and you need to weigh it down. Focus applying the pomade on longer pieces of hair around your face to shape their direction in framing your face.