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The bob is a classic style made famous in the ‘20s by women who wanted to show their independence. Since then, the shape of the bob has evolved to include lengths that range from super short to shoulder-grazing. Women can view these looks on celebrities such as Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes, who have both worn the bob hairstyle in a variety of different lengths. While there are plenty of ways to wear the bob, choose a style that works for your face frame and lifestyle. Once the cut is in place, maintaining the look is simple and easy.

Wash and dry your hair as needed, typically three to four times a week. Unless you use a lot of styling products during your morning routine, there is no need to wash your hair every day. You want the natural oils in your hair to release and give your hair a healthy shine. In addition, hair that is unwashed is easier to manage when styling.

Apply a dry shampoo to hair if you want to add volume without washing. Dry shampoos are convenient for travel and keeping hair clean without the use of water. In addition, the dry shampoo is ideal for bobs that are color-treated because the shampoo prevents women from using hot to mild water on their hair, which may fade color.

Keep angled bobs looking volumized by applying gel to the hair prior to drying. This will help style the hair the way your stylist intended. Comb the gel through your hair and set a hairdryer to medium-heat; heat any hotter may cause flyaways or frizzy hair. Use a round bristle brush to work through the hair and curl under. When rolling and drying, pull the hair forward so it dries in a forward position. Add additional volume by pulling upwards at the roots by the crown of the head.

Maintain sleek, straight bobs by applying a straightening balm before you dry your hair. Rub a quarter-size amount of balm between your hands and apply to your hair. Use a paddle brush to pull hair downward as you brush to give the hair a sleek and straight style.

Curl the bottom of the hair inward or outward with a curling iron. Section hair into 2-inch areas and insert the hair between the curling iron clamp and barrel. Roll the curling iron inward to curl the bottoms of hair.

Straighten stubborn hair with a ceramic flat-iron. Purchase ceramic to help retain moisture in your hair and not receive flyaways or frizzy hair after it is straightened. Always apply a heat-protectant spray prior to flat-ironing hair. This will combat against the heat tools and ultraviolet rays.

Know when it is time to for a trim. You can either trim the hair yourself if it is a blunt cut, or you can visit your hairdresser every four to six weeks. While salon visits may be pricey over time, the look will be worth it, especially if you want to keep your hair a certain way or length.


Carry a small bottle of hairspray in your purse to spritz on hair at the first signs of humidity.

Thick bangs look more sophisticated than wispy bangs.

Angled bobs are easier to maintain.

Fine hair should have a blunt cut, not an angled style.