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Run your fingers through your hair and pull your locks back for a swept-back hairstyle. This easy-to-do hairstyle is often seen on celebrities such as Brad Pitt, Steven Moyer and Ashton Kutcher because of its simplicity. Creating the look for yourself is as simple as letting your hair grow longer on the top and sides. Most side-swept styles have at least an inch along the sides of the head and two inches on the top. Once your hair reaches the length you desire, the style only needs a little gel to look fabulous.

Wash and condition your hair with products tailored to your hair type. The conditioner will soften your hair and make sweeping it back easier.

Dry hair with a towel by blotting or squeezing; do not rub. While you may be tempted to rub your towel over your head to dry hair, the friction may cause your hair to break. Comb through your hair when it is wet to remove any tangles.

Use a hair dryer to finish drying your hair if the towel did not remove all the moisture. Hold the hair dryer five inches from your hair to prevent heat damage, and use your fingers to agitate hair as you dry. Leave side hair that is more than three inches long slightly damp.

Apply a nickel-size amount of styling gel to your palm and rub your hands together. The styling gel will hold the hair in place while still giving it a touchable look. Avoid using a wax or pomade to style hair because it will make hair look oily and stiff.

Work the gel into your locks by running your fingers and palms through the top and sides of your hair. You may have to continuously run your fingers through the sides and top of your hair to help move the gel throughout your locks.

Dry longer side hair that is still damp by brushing the locks back and drying the hair with the hair dryer. Brush the hair back while you hold the hair dryer at an angle by your ear. Keep brushing hair back until the hair is dry.


Keep your hair in place by running your fingers through the sides during the day. Spray your hair lightly with hairspray to keep the look in place.