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Wavy hair is natural for many people. However, you may have difficulty achieving the look you want, or your hair may be difficult to tame. Removing the waves from your hair and achieving a straight look is easy with the proper tools and techniques. Thanks to technology and chemists, there is a whole range of options ranging from over-the-counter products to chemical treatments available in beauty salons. For removing waves at home, all you need for minimal straightening is a brush and a blowdryer.

Blow Dry and Flat Iron Hair

Wash your hair with a buildup-removing shampoo. Rinse out thoroughly. Use a protein-based deep conditioner containing plant-based oils on the hair. Apply the conditioning mask for at least five minutes, then rinse out thoroughly. Proteins and natural oils are the best moisturizers and protect the hair from heat damage.

Squeeze the excess water from the hair and pat with an absorbent towel. Do not rub the hair. When the hair is damp (not soaking wet), comb locks with a wide-toothed comb. Rub a dime-sized amount of heat-protection serum (or use a fine amount of heat-protection spray) to strands from root to end.

Use hair clips to divide the hair into manageable sections. Take one section and slowly pull the large round brush roots to end and maintain tension while directly blow drying the strands in the brush. Take care not to wrap the hair around the round brush entirely in a circle or you'll get tangled. Blow dry entirely before moving onto the next section.

Plug in your flat iron and make sure it's at the desired heat setting by the time your hair is completely blown dry. Using the flat iron, straighten 1- to 2-inch sections at a time between the metal plates. Start as close to the roots as possible and pull straight and evenly all the way through to the ends. Repeat on all sections until hair is at the desired level of straightness.

Use a finishing product such as pomade, styling creme or gloss to smooth away any frizzy ends or flyaway strands. Begin with a small amount because too much can ruin the entire look. Rub a minuscule amount against the finger pads and gently smooth the strands. Less is better, but use more if necessary.


You may only need to blow dry your hair to remove the waves without using a flat iron. This can help simplify the process, saving time and protecting your hair against additional heat damage.

If you don't want to blow dry or flat iron your hair, there are styling products available that help remove waves. There's a variety of shampoos, sprays and various products which help relax the hair.

You can also go to a salon and have your hair chemically treated or permanently straightened. Be careful, however, as these treatments can be very expensive and damaging to the hair.


Be careful not to scorch your hair or burn your skin with the flat iron. The ideal setting is around 250 degrees, but if your hair is especially coarse you may have to use the hottest setting possible. Some flat and curling irons have actually burned hair off. Do your research before investing in any type of flat iron.