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Change your sleek, straight bangs into sexy waves as you get your much-needed beauty rest. By quickly rolling the hair onto your fingers and pinning it into a few little buns, you can have soft curls that frame your face and give your hair some whimsy by morning. The best parts? There's little commitment by only curling your bangs and, because you didn't use heat or chemicals, there's no damage to the hair shaft. Simply use a styling product made for your hair's texture and roll your way to a fresh style overnight.

Squeeze a dollop of curl-enhancing product into your palms. Apply evenly to freshly washed and towel-dried bangs. Frizzy, thick or coarse hair benefits from a silky serum, while flat or thin hair needs some lift created by mousse or a volumizing spray. Make sure to get the roots, as well. If you are styling dry hair, just spray your bangs with a little bit of water and a volumizing hairspray; again, get into the roots, and smudge the spray a bit with your fingers.

Part the hair down the middle if you want your bangs curled equally on both sides. For curls falling to one side, use the comb to make a deep side part.

Grab about a 1/2-inch section of bangs. Use your fingers to continuously roll the hair taut up to the scalp. Secure the little curled bun with a bobby pin.

Take the next 1/2-inch section and repeat the rolling and pinning motion. Continue grabbing 1/2-inch sections and pinning until all of your bangs are rolled up next to each other.

Spray either wet or dry pinned curls with hairspray before going to bed. This helps keep the pins in place and adds another styling aid to the mix.

Take the pins out in the morning. For a side-bang look, move the bangs to one side and either arrange carefully with your fingers or tousle them a bit at the roots to loosen the curl. You can also try finger-combing the bangs, which creates a romantic, mermaid-like style. Get straight-across bangs by simply combing the curls straight down and then guiding the curl under with your finger.

Spray your bangs with either a firm- or soft-hold hairspray when you reach your desired style. A firm-hold spray keeps curls in shape longer while a soft- or medium-hold spray allows for a gentle hold with more flexibility.


Pull a few inches of hair back from the center of your head and secure with a jeweled or textured clip. Having curled the bangs overnight adds volume to the center pouf. For tighter curls, take smaller sections and leave the pins in as long as possible.


Refrain from brushing the curls, which can lead to frizz. Always use a comb on bangs.