Choosing to embrace your naturally curly hair texture can be a time saver. It means less time straightening strands under the hair dryer, or fighting unexpected changes in texture throughout the day. Curly hair can look very natural and full with little upkeep as the day wears on. Certain gels and styling products for curls have a tendency to make hair look wet -- a look that is not always sought after. Men can define curls while maintaining a dry look by adding certain washing and styling methods to their routine.

Wash your hair with a curl-enhancing shampoo. This will work with your natural hair texture to form healthy looking curls and waves. Rinse well.

Apply an anti-frizz conditioner to hair, from the middle to the ends. A good conditioner protects hair from humidity and dryness that causes frizz in curly hairstyles.

Rinse hair with cold water to seal in moisture.

Gently squeeze the hair dry using a paper towel. Paper towels are less damaging and rough on hair, helping to preserve natural curls.

Apply a leave-in conditioner to hair from the middle to the ends. This will make curls easier to define and seal in moisture.

Comb through the hair with a wide-toothed comb to disperse the conditioner evenly.

Allow hair to air dry until 90 percent dry.

Spray a dime-size amount of mousse into your hands and work it through the hair from root to tip. Double the amount of mousse for hair below shoulder length. Choose a curl-defining mousse with medium hold for minimal shine.

Blow dry hair on low heat using a hair dryer with a diffuser to prevent frizz. Wrap strands of hair around your finger to shape curls as desired underneath the dryer.

Continue to dry hair until completely dry and the sheen of any product has disappeared.

Hold the hair dryer 5 inches from the scalp and use the cool air setting to evenly cover all hair for 10 seconds. This will seal in the style and prevent hair from going limp throughout the day.