Wavy and curly hair is prized among some African Americans. A hairstyle many black wear is called "360 waves." This style is characterized by the deep wave patterns which develop in a 360 degree circular pattern around the head. Achieving 360 waves usually takes weeks depending on the hair texture. However, the consistent use of grooming techniques may help you get 360 waves faster.

Wash the hair with a conditioning shampoo. Blot the hair dry with a towel. Avoid vigorous rubbing which could damage the hair.

Apply a liberal amount -- about the size of a half dollar -- of moisturizer to the hair. Examples of good moisturizers are Carrot Crème, Shea Butter or Pink Oil Moisturizer. The wave patterns will not set without moisturized hair.

Brush the hair evenly all the way around the head. Brush downward from the crown for at least 5 to 10 minutes.

Soak a towel in hot water. Wring out the towel. Lay the towel on the hair for at least two minutes. Apply pressure to the towel. The hair will absorb the moisture from the towel and soften.

Apply a generous amount -- about the size of a half dollar -- of wave pomade to the hair. The hair may look white, as if you have used too much pomade, but it is not too much.

Repeat Step 3.

Tie the hair down with a do-rag. The do-rag encourages the hair to lay down in the 360 wave pattern. It will also prevent you from disturbing the wave pattern while you sleep.

Repeat Steps 2 through 8 once a day for 28 days. Shampoo and condition the hair once a week


  • Brush the hair evenly and regularly.

  • Do not get a haircut for 21 days after the start of this routine