How to Brush Your Hair to Get 360 Waves

By Donna Tinus

Waved hair is trained to grow into long waves. The waves spin in one direction, then in the opposite direction, hence the name "360 waves." This is a stylish hairstyle for black men. Since the hair naturally develops into a tight curl, it needs to be trained to straighten out to this sleek style. You train the hair by regular use of hair products and daily brushing, followed by putting on a wave cap to keep the waves in place. Here is the step by step process.

how to brush your hair to get 360 waves
how to brush your hair to get 360 waves

Apply a dot of pomade, about the size of a quarter, to clean, dry hair. Work it in so it covers all the hair.

Soak a towel in hot water and wring it out. Wrap it on your head, and leave it on for about two minutes to allow the pomade to soak into the hair. Take off the towel.

Brush your hair with a good brush that is half-boar-hair and half-synthetic-bristle. Start from the crown. This is the spot where many men start to go bald. Brush from the crown forward to the forehead at least 50 times.

Start from the crown and brush down to the nape of the neck at least 50 times. Use a three-way mirror to see what you're doing, if you can.

Brush the sides of the hair starting at a point about one inch from the crown and brushing toward the sides of the head. Brush all the areas that were not brushed on the top and back. Brush at least 50 times.

Tie a wave cap on your head to keep the waves in place.

Brush your hair at least three times during the day.