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Dreadlocks are one of those fashions that never seem to go out of style, especially with young people. Getting dreadlocks done by a professional stylist is the easiest method, but can be costly. Make your hair into dreadlocks at home using the towel rub method. The towel rub method is different than conventional methods of "dreading," which uses a metal comb to tease hair. Save money with an easy homemade solution that will give you dreadlocks that will last a long time.

Wash your hair with shampoo that is residue-free. Residue can get caught in your dreadlocks and cause damage to your hair. Let your hair air dry.

Rub your hair lightly with the towel in a clockwise motion. Start with the roots of your hair. Focus on a small section of hair, roughly one inch around, and rub for a few minutes. A small dread ball should start to form.

Add a small amount of dread wax to the ball of hair and rub a little more. Move on to another small section of hair and repeat the process. Keep doing this until all of your hair is formed into small dread balls with wax.

Put elastics around each dread if they do not hold well. This should hold them in place while you continue rubbing in a circular, clockwise motion.


Use a soft-bristle brush if the towel method does not work.