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Twisting two strands of hair in a clockwise direction is a basic method of making deadlocks. Once the strands are twisted, it's essential to properly care for them. The maintenance is minimal and consists of keeping the twists and new hair growth clean and tight. Even though many people think dreadlocks are never washed, if you use the two-strand method to start your dreadlocks, you can wash your hair as often as you want, because it won't unravel.

Secure the ends of your two-strand twists with snag-free elastic bands. The bands hold the new twists together until they form and stay twisted on their own.

Sleep with a nylon cap on your head every day. The nylon cap protects your twisted strands and keeps them from attracting fuzz. Drape a silk scarf around your head, as an alternative.

Wait at least three days before washing your hair. Then cover your twists with a nylon cap. Wet and wash your hair through the cap with a dreadlock shampoo. Avoid using a regular shampoo, because it may leave product residue on your hair. Distribute the shampoo with your fingertips, then rinse your hair with water. If needed, remove the cap to give your hair a thorough final rinse, to make sure all the shampoo is gone.

Bend forward at the waist so your twists hang down. Gently squeeze the twists with a towel to remove excess moisture from them.

Spray dreadlock accelerator on your moist, twisted strands. Dreadlock accelerator tightens the twists as it dries on your hair. Avoid getting the spray on your scalp, because this may cause itching.

Sit in front of a mirror with a towel draped over your back. Roll each strand between your palms, to tighten them. Do this by placing the bottom half of one twisted strand between the palms of your hands. Then roll your palms over each other so the strands twist and tighten in a clockwise direction. Continue to roll each of your twisted strands in this fashion.

Allow your hair to air-dry, or use a hairdryer. Use the wash and palm roll method each time your wash your hair. Once your hair starts growing, you'll automatically incorporate the new growth into your twists.


Apply some dreadlock wax to your twists, if your hair lacks sheen and appears dry.

Fully dry your twisted strands after washing your hair. Leaving your hair wet can result in mildew build up and smelly hair.