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The hair style in which the hair curls in such a way as to give the appearance of water swells or ripples is known as 360 waves. The process of attaining 360 waves usually requires weeks of brushing and styling the hair to form into continuous curls that encircle the head. However, some people are born with hair that naturally forms into waves. For these individuals, getting rid of these wavy curls may require applying a permanent relaxer to their hair.

Permanent Relaxer

Purchase a permanent relaxer from a local beauty store. Seek the assistance of a friend or family member to help you apply the relaxer to your hair.

Apply petroleum jelly to the outline of your hair. This will help protect your skin from the chemicals used in relaxer kits. Do not let the relaxer come in contact with your skin.

Apply the relaxer from the relaxer kit to your hair using a comb. Most relaxer kits include an application comb. Start at the crown of your head and work the relaxer down in every direction. Cover every inch of your hair.

Read the instructions to get an idea of how long to leave the relaxer in your hair. Regardless of what instructions you are given, if your scalp begins to burn, rinse the relaxer out of your hair immediately. Shampoo your hair thoroughly with the neutralizing shampoo from the relaxer kit.

Apply deep conditioner to your hair to replace vitamins and nutrients lost during the relaxation process. Avoid brushing your hair for at least three days. Continue to treat your hair with conditioning shampoo and a moisturizer on a daily basis.

Natural Alternatives

Avoid brushing or styling your hair for several days. If you wear a do-rag on a regular basis, stop immediately. Waves are created when naturally curly hair is trained to line up all around the head. By not styling your hair, you may disrupt the hair pattern needed to attain waves.

Consider getting a haircut that will prevent the appearance of 360 waves, such as a brush cut or an Afro.

Rub your hair vigorously to disrupt it. Apply holding gel to your hair to set your hairstyle in this disrupted manner.