How to Make Your Natural Hair Curly With a Texturizer

By Blair Foy

Free the natural pattern of your hair by having a texturizer applied to your tresses. As mild forms of hair relaxers, texturizers need to be done by a professional. Available in lye and non-lye forms, texturizers are combed through naturally curly hair to release the curl structure for looser curls or waves. Once your hair is professionally treated with a texturizer, there are self care techniques you can use to help the texturizing process make your natural hair curly.

Texturizing hair treatments are meant to loosen tight curls.

Step 1

Wash your hair. After having your hair professionally texturized, you can gauge the success of the process at home by looking at your wet strands of hair. Successfully texturized hair should have soft, defined curls when wet.

Step 2

Gently comb a leave-in conditioner through your hair to help the texturizer form loose curls. The key to this step is to not comb the hair to vigorously as it will frizz and break the curls.

Step 3

Rub a quarter size amount of smoothing serum between your palms. Run your fingers through your hair to add shine and separation to the texturized hair.

Step 4

Let your hair air dry to ensure the texturizing treatment will form curls and not frizz or break the hair.