Your hairstyle can enhance your face or make you look unattractive—a good reason to wear only the best hairstyles for your face. Use your hairstyle to enhance your best facial features, such as your eyes. One way to do this involves wearing a very short haircut, which automatically brings attention to your eyes, or a short bob hairstyle. Longer hair can also emphasize your eyes with a few techniques.


Bangs and Layers

The best way to make your eyes stand out involves wearing bangs or fringes, as the British call them. You can wear your bangs in a variety of ways, including curly or wispy, straight across your forehead, choppy or curved. Have bangs cut to your brow line for immediate focus on your eyes. Also, when you have your hair cut into layers around your face, you bring attention to your eyes, although not as dramatically as bangs do. Bangs work for both short and long hairstyles.

Hairstyle Techniques

Wear your long or medium-length hair side-swept to make your eyes stand out. To do so, part your hair in a deep asymmetric or angled part.

If you have wide-set eyes, pull your hair away from your face. This gives the illusion of having balanced eyes. Bring your hair forward on the sides of your face for eyes set close together to bring balance to your face.

Facial Shape and Bangs

Although all bangs draw attention to your eyes, keep your face shape in mind when choosing your hairstyle, says Elizabeth Karusaki, author of "Hairstyle for Beginners: Everything You Wanted to Know about the Hairstyle." If you don't know your face shape, pull your hair back and outline your face with a lipstick or eye pencil while looking in the mirror. For an oval face, you can wear any style bangs or hairstyle, keeping your hair texture in mind. Bangs may not work well with very curly, bulky hair, for example. Round faces look best with feathered or softly layered bangs reaching to your cheeks. Blunt bangs across the brow give long faces the illusion of an oval face. Side-swept bangs curving toward the jaw flatter square faces as well as heart-shaped faces. A heart shape also looks well with full bangs cut across the face. Wear wispy, wide bangs on a triangular face.