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A good hairstyle can bring out the positive traits of your features, and it can also help disguise a big nose. Have a discussion with your hairstylist regarding any concerns about what you perceive to be deficiencies in your looks or features. You can work together to come up with a suitable hairstyle.


A style that requires puffing more hair toward your cheeks should be considered as a general rule in drawing attention away from a big nose. Styles that require fringes are also good options, but make sure the fringe is a proper size, length and thickness. Fringes that fully cover your forehead or eyes should be avoided, however, because they draw attention to the size of your nose. Flat hairstyles should be avoided because they tend to emphasize the nose.

Bring it forward

Drawing the hair back from your face will make a big nose stand out and appear more obvious, especially from the profile. Taking steps to sweep your hair forward instead can serve to minimize the prominence of a big nose. Your hair should not be arranged in a sleek, tight ponytail -- this will leave the features exposed. In fact, any sleek or straight elements tend to over-emphasize the nose. A fluffy look is preferable.


Hair that is layered contributes an element of softness to all your facial features, including a big nose. Layers can also present a visual distraction that will draw an onlooker's eye and prevent it from lingering on a large nose. Soft waves and curls make good additions because they offer volume while balancing overly prominent facial features. These can be created by setting hair in rollers at home or with the assistance of a hairstylist.


Hair that is long or at least of medium length should be the goal in disguising a big nose. Short styles such as pixie cuts should be avoided. Although they are popular, those cuts look best on faces with petite features. Long or medium-length hair also provides the freedom to experiment with styles that entail bringing your hair up in front, which creates volume in a good spot to draw attention away from the nose.