A good hairstyle can bring out the best in your features. If your nose isn’t your favorite and you feel like you want it to look smaller, a new ‘do just might do the trick. Discuss the following options with a hairstylist.

Longer Hair

Hair that’s long or medium length is best for disguising a big nose. Short styles like pixie cuts tend to look best on faces with petite features. Length also provides freedom to experiment with voluminous styles, which draw attention away from the nose.

Face-Framing Styles

Pulling hair back from your face makes a big nose stand out, especially from the profile. Avoid wearing a sleek, tight ponytail that leaves your features exposed. Let hair frame your face instead. Bangs are a good option, but make sure they’re the proper length and thickness. Avoid fringe that fully covers your forehead or eyes; sideswept bangs are better.


Layers create an element of softness to your look. Soft waves and curls offer volume while balancing prominent facial features.

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