The nose is a facial feature with characteristics that can sometimes be attributed to a particular race or ethnic culture. Most ethnic groups have a specific set of characteristics of the nose that sets it apart from others. When typically discussing ethnic noses, groups that stand out include: Mediterranean, African, Asian, Caucasian and Hispanic.


Mediterranean ethnic groups span those with heritages ranging from Persian to Greek to Italian to Arab to Jewish, to name a few. People from these ethnic groups often have noses with a hump in the region between the tip and forehead and a slightly drooping nose tip.


African noses tend to feature enlarged nostrils, wide tips and a lack of nasal bridge projection.


Asian noses are generally shorter and sit shallow on the face. Similar to an African nose, it also lacks definition, has wide nostrils and little definition of the bridge.


Hispanic noses have a broad, wide, drooping tip, complemented by a dorsal hump. This hump is similar to what is seen on noses of those with Mediterranean heritage.


Most people looking to enhance their noses are interested in achieving a nose that resembles a Caucasian nose, which is defined, long, somewhat thin with a slight upsweep on the tip. However, a good rhinoplasty will change certain aspects of the ethnic nose without changing it entirely.