Hair Cutting

Hair comes in all variety of styles and shapes. Sometimes, hair grows thick before it grows long, making styling and texture almost impossible. Thinning the hair out with scissors can create a whole new look for unruly, thick hair, and is not terribly difficult to accomplish if the right techniques are used.

Point Cutting

Point cutting is a way to thin out the hair that can create a chunky or choppy look, as well as softening layers so that the hair lays smooth. Point cutting is done by bringing the hair up between the fingers so that the desired length can be cut off. The hair is held perpendicular to the head and the scissors are held straight down, pointing toward the scalp. The scissors are then brought down and cut the hair at a sharp angle in small chunks along the finger. A new section of hair is then grab and the process is continued. This technique is good for short hair and spikey, or sharp looks.


Slithering is best done with long hair either straight or wavy that needs thinning towards the end of the hair for a smooth, healthy look. In slithering, the hair is held out from the head, again perpendicular from the scalp. The scissors are held slightly open and, starting from the scalp, the scissors are run along the hair at a slight angle towards the end. This leaves the hair towards the scalp thicker than the ends. Slithering leaves the hair bouncy on the ends and will remove split ends.

Hair Thinning Scissors

Another way to thin out the hair is to use hair thinning scissors. These scissors are like regular scissors except for that one blade has notches in it. These notches let hair slip between. Any hair that is in between the notches is not cut. This allows large areas to be cut at once without the worry of taking out too much hair. Start at the ends of the hair and clips it with the thinning scissors. Go along the entire perimeter. The higher in the hair you cut the more volume is created. Avoid getting too close to the scalp as this will leave short hair that sticks up form the scalp, creating an undesirable look.