Razor Comb

A razor comb is exactly what its name suggests: a comb with a razor inside it. The razor blades are intermingled with the comb teeth, making it unnecessary to use additional sheers when using this tool. Razor combs are great for thinning and creating hair texture, giving it bounce and definition. Razor combs are perfect for cutting infant and toddler's hair, as well as creating "scene" haircuts and bobs. Mastering the art of using a razor comb is very difficult. To avoid creating bald spots, novices should use great care when using this tool.

Wash your hair, combing it with a regular brush or comb. Remove all knots and tangles in your hair.

Take a section of hair, approximately 1-inch wide, and comb with a regular comb. Place the razor comb against the area you wish to cut, thin or texturize, holding it at a 45-degree angle. Do not start at the root, as this will leave bald spots.

Use quick, short strokes and light pressure when using the razor comb. If thinning or texturizing the hair, you will work the razor comb from the starting area through to the tip of the hair. If cutting away length, continue to stroke the comb over the area where you wish to cut off the hair. Do this until the hair breaks free.

Move on to the next 1-inch section, repeating the stroking process with the razor comb. Work your way around the head. Once finished, style as desired.