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Shaved hair lines, tramlines or hair tattoos are designs shaved into short hair with hair clippers. Tramlines have been popularized by celebrities like MC Hammer, Cassie and various athletes, and now are popular among some teens and young adults. Most people get tramlines done by barbers or hairstylists, who are especially skilled at creating them. However, if you have a steady hand, some patience and a pair of hair clippers, you can make them for yourself or a friend.

Decide where you want to shave the tramlines. Whether it’s your head hair, neck or facial hair, tramlines work best on short hair, so you will need to trim the area where you plan to make the design.

Decide on your design. Some popular designs are ridges, straight lines, patterns, pictures or words.

Trim the selected area with hair clippers. To make the tramlines easier, select a guard #2 (1/4 inch).

Shave the lines in the hair. Select the shortest guard, or use the clippers without any guard. Carefully "draw" the design with a steady hand. The clippers may make a sudden loud noise as they trim the hair. If this happens, do not jerk your hand, or you may alter the design.


To get rid of the shaved lines, you can either shave the whole area or let the lines grow out, then cut the hair down to the same length.