Brunette with curly hair

When you get out of the shower, does your hair brush your shoulders? It is nice to see it looking so long, and you want it to look that long all day. Unfortunately when it dries, it curls up to your ears. Making your curly hair appear longer just takes the right tools and a little know how.

Allow hair to dry naturally after washing. Once hair is dry, brush thoroughly with a bristle brush to stretch curls out and give the hair a little more body. Don't worry, because you won't look like this when you are finished; that fluffy halo is temporary.

Wrap 1-inch pieces around the large-barreled curling iron and hold taut for 15 seconds. This is going leave you with curls, but they will be much more relaxed and loose. Make sure when you begin wrapping the hair up that you are smoothing out the area closest to the roots with the curling iron.

Once you have curled all of your already curly hair, in order to smooth it out and make it appear longer, apply a quarter-sized dollop of finishing cream or gel with your fingers to all of the hair. Using your fingers to stretch the curls down and separate them for a longer look.

Allow hair to cool completely and then tousle with your fingers, being sure to pull the ends downward.

This will last until you get your hair wet again, and it can be smoothed out at any time by using the curling iron on any extra-curly pieces.