An Easy Way to Put Beads On Without a Beader

By Neal Litherland

Beading your hair adds color, style and accessories to even the most traditional hair styles. However, if you do not have a beading hook or some other sort of beading tool, the task becomes more complicated. Fortunately, a few ways exist to bead hair without a specific tool for the job. As long as you have some aluminum foil, you add as many beads as you need to complete the desired look.

Create a beaded look with multi-colored beads and aluminum foil.

Step 1

Brush your hair out to smooth out any kinks or knots. When beading, hair often braids better when not washed and naturally oily.

Step 2

Braid your hair. Isolate a section of hair, then pull that isolated section into three separate parts. Alternate right and left, hooking the outside strand around the center strand and twisting them together. Beads require a minimum braided hair length of one inch.

Step 3

Wrap the end of your hair in aluminum foil tightly. When you have the braid as long as you want, wrap the remaining hair in aluminum foil.

Step 4

Slide the beads on over the aluminum foil. Once you have all the beads on, begin to roll the aluminum foil up starting at the base, making it into a ball. The ball must be large enough to hold the beads in place.