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The art of French braiding enables you to create a variety of different hairstyles. If you have medium-length or longer hair, experiment with different French braid styles that incorporate all or a part of your hair. For a half updo, try French braiding your hair across the top of your head. The finished effect of your braided hair will appear intricate and lacy while the rest of your hair cascades down across your shoulders.

Detangle your hair thoroughly with the brush. Spray the top half of your hair lightly with water from the spray bottle to dampen it. Part your hair from ear to ear and clip the back portion to keep it out of the way.

Separate a 2-inch section of hair above your left ear to begin braiding. Separate the section into three equal parts.

Begin braiding the sections in standard fashion toward the top of your head. Cross the left section (section closest to the front of your head) over the middle section and then cross the right section (section closest to the back of your head) over the middle section.

Cross the left section over the middle section again and add a small amount of loose hair from the front of your head to this section to begin French braiding. Cross the right section over the middle section but do not add additional hair.

Continue French braiding the left section to add additional hair each time. As you braid the right section, do not add additional hair. This will create a straight line of braiding across the top of your head. Stop braiding when you reach your other ear. You should have incorporated all of your hair from the front of your head in the braid.

Braid the three sections of hair in standard braid fashion until you reach the ends. Secure the ends with the elastic hair band.

Spray the braid across the top of your head lightly with hair spray to smooth flyaway strands and set the style.


If you French braid the right section of hair also as you braid over the top of your head, you can incorporate all of your hair in the updo.

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