How To Do Cornrows For Guys

Cornrows are an increasingly popular hairstyle for men who want a neat, well-groomed look without having to cut their hair. It is a fashionable style for all hair textures as evidenced by celebrities such as Allen Iverson and David Beckham. Although cornrows often take over an hour to complete, men will enjoy the fact that, with proper maintenance, the style can last up to six weeks.

Pour water into spray bottle and spray on hair to dampen. This will make the hair more manageable. Many men sweat significantly more than women either from work or exercise so it is important to use a leave-in conditioner such as American Crew that moisturizes to prevent breakage.

Part the man's hair into a 1-inch section that extends from the forehead to the back of the head. When completed, this section will be one of his cornrows.

Divide the section of hair into three equal strands using a fine-tooth comb. Begin with the left strand and pull it over the center. The left strand becomes the center strand. Next pull the right strand over the new center strand. Repeat this process two times and make sure the braid is tight. This will be somewhat painful for men who are "tender-headed" or haven't gotten used to their hair being braided tightly.

Gather the hair under the braid that is yet to braided and add it to the middle strand of hair. Add only a little hair at a time. Do not pull on the man's hair. This can cause hair loss (in men and women), depending on the texture and health of the hair.

Continue braiding the hair until you complete the cornrow. After completion, secure the braid with a rubber band. The rubber band should be tight enough that the man's hair won't be able to come loose during any physical activity.

Repeat steps 2 through 5 until the entire head is completely braided.


  • Frequently spray the hair that is yet to be braided to maintain manageability.
    Keep the braids moisturized with hair oil. Tie a do-rag around the head before bed and during any activity where you might sweat.