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The '90s double bun combines youthful whimsy with an attention-grabbing, avant-garde twist. This super fun hairstyle is trending on fashion runways and on it-girls like Miley Cyrus and Kylie Jenner. If you want to try this high-impact look, you just need at least six inches of length for the full effect.

Start With High Pigtails

Brush your washed and dried hair with a flat bristle brush to remove any tangles or knots. Draw a straight center part from your forehead to the nape of your neck using the tip of a comb, and separate and pull each hair section to either side.

Gather the right half of the hair into a high ponytail near the crown of your head and about 2 inches out from the center. Smooth away any tangles or bumps in your hair with the flat bristle brush and tie the ponytail in place with an elastic.

Repeat with the left half of your hair.


Spritz both ponytails with sea-salt texturizer or dry shampoo. Grab the ends of one ponytail with one hand and hold upright. With your other hand, tease the ponytail very gently with a wide-tooth comb near the base, only a few times. This step builds up a bit of volume for fuller topknot buns.

Brush the ponytail out gently with the flat bristle brush just enough to smooth the outer strands without damaging the volume you created by teasing.

Repeat with the other ponytail.

Wrap and Tuck

Invest in a couple small hair donuts. Alternatively, cut off the toes of a pair of thin socks and roll each sock into a tidy donut shape.

Grab one high ponytail and place the donut around the ponytail at the base. Wrap the hair over and around so that the donut is covered, and tuck the hair underneath. Repeat with the other ponytail and a new hair donut.

Secure the Buns

Gently pull on the sides of each bun to create a bit of volume and messiness. Avoid pulling out whole pieces of hair since this look should still be relatively neat. Insert a few bobby pins around the base of each bun to secure it in place. Tuck in any loose pieces and pin into place.

Spritz the buns with a lightweight hairspray. Optional: Spritz a clean toothbrush with hairspray and sweep the brush over any flyaway hairs to smooth.