How to Use a Clip for Medium to Long Hair. Adding a clip to your hair not only keeps wispy hairs out of your face, but also looks very stylish. When you have medium or long hair, you can hold back more of your hair and wear a style that brings out your face. You can use several different methods to put a clip in longer hair.

Find a clip that works well with a longer hairstyle. You can't use a small barrette when your hair is past mid-length. Look through a large selection of clips at any hair supply store.

Take a portion of hair from each side of your face. Pull the hair together and fasten the hair in the clip. This creates a half up look that many women like to wear.

Make a ponytail with your hands. Secure the all the hair in the clip that you are using. This is a very simple and elegant style to create. If you use a formal looking clip, this style is appropriate for a dance or wedding.

Throw your hair casually into a clip. For a casual look, take your hair and twist it up. Use a large clip to secure the hair at the top of your head. This hairstyle is popular with girls who want to keep their hair in place without spending a lot of time styling it.

Manage the strays once you have placed the hair in the clip. You may have to redo the clip if a lot of the hair wasn't secured properly. Once it's in, you can choose to curl the hair or leave it as it is.