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Barrettes are the go-to children's accessories that grown-ups can wear, too. You can use a barrette to hold hair back from your face, to enhance an up-do or to pin your hair into intricate styles. To make sure that your barrette stays put, work in a texturizing cream or mousse into your hair before inserting this stylish accessory into your long, medium or short tresses.

Brush your hair to remove any tangles. Decide how you want to pull your hair back -- to the side, the middle or the back.

Open your barrette by releasing the top lever. Barrettes usually click or slide closed so open your barrette using the appropriate method.

Select a two-inch section of hair from the side you'd like to pull back. If you have chosen to pull the entire front of your hair back, run your fingers from the outer edges of your eyebrows back to the rear of your head and separate this from the lower portion of your hair.

Brush the section of hair back so that it has a smooth surface. Hold your hair with one hand and your open barrette with the other.

Place your sectioned hair against your head. Slip the barrette's lever underneath the hair and allow it to slide along your scalp the entire length of the hair section.

Fasten the barrette by snapping or sliding closed. Gently brush the top layer of the hair to smooth away any bumps.

Spray the hair lightly with hairspray to hold the hairstyle in place.